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Janitorial Commercial & Institutional Cleaning Services

Office Cleaning

From cleaning and disinfecting restrooms, break rooms, lobby areas, offices and conference rooms to restocking consumables like toilet paper, hand towels and soap, My-Little Helpers tailors our services to fit your office’s unique needs. We clean everything from small business offices to large commercial office complexes.

Restaurant & Hospitality Cleaning

My-Little Helpers clean commercial kitchens, restaurants, fast food diners, hotels and motels, visitor centers and tourism destinations. We can come and clean your premises at night after the last call, in the early morning before the breakfast shift, midday between the lunch and dinner rushes, or whenever is convenient for your hospitality based business.

Medical & Healthcare Facility Cleaning

We are equipped to handle the unique needs of healthcare facilities, including terminal cleaning. We follow OSHA’s standards for safety, and our cleaning systems and processes help reduce the risk of cross-contamination between restrooms, waiting rooms and exam rooms. We clean hospitals, medical centers and offices, urgent care facilities, walk-in clinics, dialysis centers, outpatient clinics, surgery centers, dental offices, veterinary clinics, nursing homes and more.

Educational Institution Cleaning

From daycares, preschools, elementary schools and youth centers to parochial and private schools to K-12 schools and higher learning universities, My-Little Helpers provides routine janitorial services and extra cleanings before and after events. We give special attention to restrooms, break rooms / cafeterias, water fountains and high-touch areas. We also clean and maintain carpet, gym floors and other hard floors. And we know that daycare center and school cleaning requires a special touch because children don’t have fully developed immune systems yet. Our janitorial services ensure your educational institution premises is a clean and healthy environment where kids can focus on learning.

Church & Other House of Worship Cleaning

Cleaning a place of worship is a task that often falls to volunteers in the congregation. While this is a wonderful way to bring the community together, unfortunately, volunteers often lack the proper training and equipment to achieve a deep, lasting clean. My-Little Helpers is happy to offer janitorial cleaning to Churches, Temples, Mosques, Synagogues, Monasteries and other Houses of Worship as well as religious schools and institutions. Let us keep your House of Worship clean and neat so that you can focus on the well-being of the congregation!

Gym & Fitness Center Cleaning

When athletes and members visit a fitness facility, they expect and deserve it to be upkept well. They have chosen your location to come and work up a sweat, and will certainly it is an unpleasant experience to find the fitness space dirty and disorderly. We provide one-time or routine janitorial services to leave your gym, sports club, or recreation center sparkling from top to bottom, making it a safe, healthy, and clean place for your members to achieve their health goals. My-Little Helpers cleans boutique gyms, fitness centers, golf clubs, clubhouses and sports complexes.

Retail Cleaning

No matter what people are shopping for; first impressions make a big difference. If the premises is grimy, run-down, and not well-kept, customers are not likely to think very highly of the business or salespeople, let alone the items for sale. If that same retail store is immaculately clean, however, there’s an element of trust earned based on a level of professionalism. My-Little Helpers cleans shopping malls and strip centers as well as stand-alone stores and shops. We provide skilled, fully customized commercial cleaning services to keep your shop sparkling, which builds trust, lends credibility, and can even help prevent loss of inventory and revenue! Our cleaning services will help keep your space, from the back room to the display windows, free of potentially damaging grime.

Bank & Financial Institution Cleaning

Financial institutions need to project a clean, crisp image of professionalism and competence. Dirty or unkempt financial facilities repel current and prospective clients alike. My-Little Helpers understands the sensitive nature of “teller trash” and confidential documents, and we are knowledgeable in special trash removal procedures for financial institutions including banks, credit unions, financial advisory offices, brokerage houses and insurance offices. We have experience with high-security institutions, including alarms and coded-access systems, and we observe proper security and confidential security protocols.

Government Facility Cleaning

High-traffic, high-security local, state and federal government facilities, courthouses and post offices etc. require professional, detail-oriented commercial cleaners. These offices usually contain highly sensitive information and require an extra degree of security. At My-Little Helpers, our cleaners have experience with high-security buildings and alarm systems. As we are committed to your complete satisfaction with our janitorial services, we go to great lengths to safeguard your information, assets, and equipment.

Residential Cleaning Services

House Cleaning, Housekeeping & Maid Services

My-Little Helpers knows your busy schedule makes it difficult to find time to maintain a proper home. The best way to ensure your home is always clean and tidy is by hiring our team. No matter whether you need weekly, every other week, monthly, or occasional housekeeping services, our professional cleaning staff will leave you feeling comfortable in and proud of the space you live and raise your family in. We have a long and proven track record of clean homes and happy customers. We are your best choice for housekeeping services designed to fit your budget and schedule. Call us to build a custom cleaning plan that fits your unique cleaning needs today!

Rental Property Cleaning

If you own a vacation rental home or other rental property, the cleanliness and hygiene of the rental space are of the utmost importance. Every time a tenant or guest leaves, your rental property must be thoroughly cleaned and made spic-and-span for the next. My-Little Helpers specializes in rental cleanings of homes, condos, apartments and vacation properties including Airbnb and VRBO etc. We thoroughly clean all areas of the property with a quick turnaround to ensure that your rental space is ready for your next tenants or guests.

Specialty Cleaning Services

Post Construction Cleaning

If you have recently had some work done on your home or business, then you likely have some serious cleanup to deal with. There may be debris left from the construction work, and even a minor remodel can leave you with dusty surfaces all throughout the building. If you in the aftermath of new construction or remodeling, then you should give My-Little Helpers a call and let our experienced post construction cleaning professionals make your space move in ready and/or livable again.

Special Event Cleaning

Major life changes often bring about a need for special event cleaning services. Whether you’re hosting a party to welcome a new bundle of joy into your life, a new or existing union between two people, a get-together to commemorate the life of someone special, a birthday, work gathering or any other occasion; we can help provide a clean premises before and after the event. In fact, we are ready and able to fulfill your specific cleaning requests so you can focus on your other important party-planning tasks and enjoy the event. Our special event cleaning services are perfect for home based parties, workplace gatherings, conferences, schools, wedding venues, church events and much more.

Move In / Move Out Cleaning

Are you getting ready to move into a new place and want it to look great and truly feel clean? My-Little Helpers can make it feel like home and create a far more appealing, inviting environment with our move in cleaning services. And if you are preparing to move out of an apartment or home, and you want it to look nice for the next tenant or residents, or you want it to look good for the landlord so that you can get your security deposit back; we can help with that too. Our move out cleaning team can deep clean for you to ensure that you have the best chance of receiving your money back on your deposit. Our move in and out cleaning services are ideal for rental or vacation properties, office buildings, houses, apartments, condos and townhomes.

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